Free Services for Customers

For Who?
  • Every customer who has taken/completed one of the services/programs of YOUR LEADERSHIP IBC
  • Services/Programs are: Leadership Masterclass, Management with EI, Executive Coaching, Change Management
‘Your Leadership is Your Success’ free services
1.Support information as per your individual needs on the ‘Your Leadership is Your Success’ professional blog: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Change Management
Request information and topic via blog or my e-mail and will be published within a week time (needed urgently, please leave a voicemail on my mobile telephone, will be posted within 48 hours).
2.Q&A session about Leadership, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management
Simple engagement via e-mail as long as you wish
3.Supporting you with a famous quote for your presentation
Send me a request via e-mail with a short description of your need and will be published within a week, (needed urgently, please leave a voicemail on my mobile telephone, posted within 48 hours).
Also regularly posted famous quotes with tips how to use them
4.Resolving your business challenge
  • Describe in max 5 sentences your challenge, should be an easygoing e-mail to me
  • I will ask maximum 10 more questions from you to answer. The questions are short, pragmatic, to the point.
  • Answer those in max 10 min and shortly to me.
  • You receive an assessment of your situation and 2-3 options for the resolution
  • Based on your personal needs, you can use a 10 min consult about the topic with me on a call.

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