About me

I am Beatrix Gabulya, Trixi. I always had deep interest in people, learnt psychology, sociology among other studies when graduated with two Master Degrees early in my 20s.
Looking back to my childhood, youth, I have always been part of several groups, with a very active attitude and made always initiatives to do things for others. I am the one starting every day with a big smile, have a plan about what to do, but also how to do.
I had the luck to grow up in a family, where all my ideas had always a tremendous support and incase something went wrong, I have been encouraged to try again.
So I became some who always tried, tried harder and harder. It has become my practise and lifestyle to put myself on trials all the time, and i did enjoy my own adventures.
Being conscious about my personality, skills, abilities, capabilities, or being conscious about the way I react on situations: it was clear to me already in my teenager years.
My breakeven point was my burn out, when I just turned 30 years old. I went for a therapy of almost 2 years to recover and be able to function again 100% in working environment.
Burn Out has become my education: a Masterclass of Emotional Intelligence,  the essence of who I am today and the last and missing part of My Leadership.
I became conscious about my abilities and capabilities to Live and Lead with Emotional Intelligence and turned to people with even more deep interest than ever before.
I became passionate about people, people’s differences and the potential
we all have in our life.
After 20 years experiences in several management functions in international businesses I have created my ow business: Your Leadership International Business Consultancy: www.yourleadershipibc.com
The Your Leadership company name represents
my own personal values,
values of my company and
my believe that Leadership is key to our success in both personal and business lives.
I am passionate about people, people’s differences and the potential we all have in our life.
I am passionate about YOU and YOUR TEAM to unlock your potentials, extend your opportunities, abilities and capabilities: building on your strength to achieve your goals in business and personal life.
‘Your Leadership is Your Success!’
Please join me, with warm regards,
Beatrix Gabulya

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