So how about the parents of the young leaders? They face huge challenges in these days; they face challenges they have never thought about they will actually face.

They have been parenting for 15 years, when things start to change dramatically. They recognise that their children are well defined young people and understand the WHAT in life:

– what to do, – what not to do, – what is right, – what is not right, – what are their choices, – what aren’t their choices… etc.

But parents of young leaders are seeing that the question is not necessarily anymore the WHAT, but the HOW. We are keen on supporting, strongly advising young people how exactly to do things. We understand when you try different ways, what might be a failure or what might turn out to be a success.

But why to prevent young leaders from failure, why to prevent them from disappointment? We all learn by practise.

Let them practise, urge to understand different ways of doing things, let them urge to make their own choices. Learn them what means responsibility, but learn them what means accountability. Learn them to stand behind their own idea, learn them to support each other and learn them to be free in their choices.

So if we let so much freedom for our children, then what is really left for the parents in terms of guidance?

I am sure you see my point, well my answer is

  1. Please learn “…to let things go…”.
  2. Learn to listen
  3. Become a leader
  4. Don’t try to create followers, try to create leaders
  5. Give your time
  6. Avoid judgement
  7. Don’t try so hard
  8. Enjoy the journey of your children
  9. See and understand their point
  10. No need to agree with them

Just agree with yourself!

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Make it light, make it fun!