They are my inspiration, my inspiration because they are determined no matter what to achieve their goals in life. There is though one common thing they share, their own approach, their own way to do: it is not yet very clear.

Not necessarily because they don’t have an idea how to achieve what they want, rather they want to stay a good listener to their environment, just as they used to be  as children. They have the desire to listen and to be accepted by the ones supported them in childhood.

I believe it takes a while for all of us to let go this desire and really choose our own ways.

I recently met some young people and hosted them in my house. They all had a different goal in life and they all had a very different reason to stay for a period with me and my family:

  • some came for a good talk and share travel plans,
  • others committed to voluntary work in the neighbourhood or at the cross border country for a higher education institute or
  • just passed for some days on the way of an European experience tour.

They all leaders and they all have leadership qualities, some stronger in listening, others in organising or committment and overcome fear in loneliness or solving problems: on their ways they practise, adopt and develop their personalities.

With some, I know better we also engaged in long evening conversations; for me they were like inspiration talks and I was a committed listener to them.

For others I became  the private coach for some days, the one giving them the support to explore freely themselves and dream big: unlock their potentials to be able to recognise their own unlimited talent to go for what they really think the best for them in life.

We had tears and tears, the ones from recognition, the ones from happiness, the ones being in change and the ones to be grateful for our open and interesting talks.

Those tears and words we have not said are my inspiration for this summer series of emotional intelligence.

I am now determined to extend my audience and talk to both the younger generation and to the experienced leaders in my blog; they both are the energy of tomorrow: enthusiast and seeking for feedback, others experienced and seeking for inspiration.

I am on the mid way with my age group (born in 1974) and I somehow sence the needs of both groups.

For this post today I needed that inspiration, thank you all young leaders inspiring me!

Each of you deserves a belonging image for this summer, an image represents you in present or in future or at the moment we met.