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… about their emotions.

Our emotions our Emotional Qualities (EQ), mostly known as our Emotional Intelligence is key to our life: the key to find the way we want to fulfil our personal life or even our professional life. The key to lead a happy and successful life, independently from the personal definition of what ‘happiness‘ and ‘success’ means for any of us.


In the professional life, many researches has proved over the last recent years, that the IQ is responsable only for 20 percent for our success. The rest of the 80 percent is coming out from many other different factors. Within the long list of those factors, one of the main factor is our Emotional Intelligence. This is not something we are born with, this is something we can learn.

But just as learning process you can’t make it own to have Emotional Intelligence, this comes with a lot of practise and with lifelong learning.

What makes than still EQ so attractive and sometimes maybe so unattractive?

  1. On one hand EI is something fascinating and interesting to understand, discover, practise: journey to understand ourselves better, human beings and the ability to do something with our emotions.
  2. On the other hand it is a real challenge, focus and lifelong learning, practise all the time. Many times it comes with disappointment, and requires us to keep motivated.

…keep trying and doing our best to make our life more complete with Emotional Intelligence.

What makes me the most fascinating though about EI is; the fact that EI is contributing or making just that single difference between being successful or fail in leadership or performances.

In Summer Series 2012 of my Leadership Blog we will take time to deep and learn, experience, experiment and share thoughts around Emotional Intelligence.

Please stay with me, read and discuss, respond and share your thoughts.

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Summer Series 2012: EI