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5 powerful tool for executive leaders to put leadership on your agenda,

to put leadership on THE  agenda:

1. Weekly Management meeting – 2 min leadership talk (real life business example)

2. Use leadership quotes monthly for your presentation (either to start with or to end with)

3. Share a short life example from your family happening and point out from the story something core about leadership (works well in coffee breaks or at business dinners)

4. Distribute leadership via email (a monthly ‘post update’ below your signature)

5. Put at least 1 core element of leadership in the performance review and performance plan of your management team members

You will book result if you do the above consequent, consistent and on an easy-going way. You become more conscious about your leadership, others they will listen more to your leadership. You will see that you start creating leaders.

Leaders create leaders, they don’t create followers.

Next step is for your to make leadership core.

Would you like more tips or

  • easy hands on tools to develop your leadership,
  • to create more leaders

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