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I often experience that new and young managers ask themselves: Why to choose leadership? What is good about leadership or most importantly what can I do with leadership?

Have you got these young, intelligent and ambitious colleagues and managers around you or in your own management team? That it is time to think about how to create from them leaders, they should not be your followers anymore.

Young professionals who are raising these questions to themselves, they have the motivation to change, to change to become a leader, they usually have the knowledge to become a leader.

For you the challenge is to show them HOW. Once you are able to show them the key directions of leadership, they will find the answers themselves whether it is worth being leader and practise leadership.

The key here is to find the right approach the best fitting leadership style to approach them. Speaking from experience two successful style you could choose from are: democratic or coaching style.

An other step to make is, to find out – Are they interested to achieve goals in their careers? obviously yes, but are they truly interested in not only WHAT they want to achieve but also HOW they want to achieve?

You would need to look for the HOW in those young professionals then you sure their ambitious goes beyond status, position, salary, hierarchy, materials.

True leaders go beyond all that, and that is what you will need to look for in your colleagues, the ones who can become leaders.

When you are done with this quick assessment, the real work will start to get involvement and engage with your ‘future leader’.

Key steps to starts are:

  • Show and express interest in their personality and understand, learn their own agenda, go beyond business as often as you can
  • Look for any signs about their emotional intelligence and reflect on that
  • Practise democratic or coaching style while you managing them
  • Consult with them, involve them in major problem solving cases
  • Talk about your business challenges, choices you need to make and reason you made your choices
  • Give space for them to reflect on, allow them to give feedback
  • Create a ‘business partnership/ownership’ relationship
  • Make them responsible and make them accountable
  • Ask them to become your back up and decision maker while you are on holiday
  • Walk them through the period and the expected questions and ask him/her to come with some possible solutions
  • Dont forget to give a list of 3 names, that he/she always can fall back for advise while you are away
  • Make clear you trust and believe
  • Crete a frame for evaluation, learning and let her/he to do the needed communications afterwards

Keep me posted on your ‘future leader project’, passionate about your progress

Good luck!

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