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My today topic about change is the book from Cheryl Richardson: Life Makeovers. It has become my inspiration tool for change and my bed time reading over the last years.

In this book you find and easy following concept of 52 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Life One Week at a Time. It is a fantastic book if you are about to change something significant in your life, but also a practical and powerful tool just to get on with daily issues as well.

Beyond the weekly structure, you find a great guidance as well in the book; an easy way to actually make the step to change things:

  • A quote about the weekly topic to inspire you – to remember for
  • A personal note or story – you may associate with some of your personal experiences
  • A description how the change would look like – for you to see what it takes
  • Obstacles and Solution – plan that you can work out yourself
  • Take action challenge – change for better
  • Resources – to support you or just be their for your inspiration

This is a book for you, for every leader to use as a tool for life:

  • core
  • simple
  • fun

Just as I prefer to describe Leadership.

Personal note:

For my High School Graduation one of my teachers has given me a book from her personal library; Carl Jung – Extrovert vs. Introvert. I have received this book, because she thought that time, that the book somehow will make a difference in my life. Indeed it has made! The book became not only a treasure of my personal library but a true guidance to my personal development: to who I am today.

I am giving this book from Cheryl Richardson: Life Makeovers from my personal library to someone today who is representing a great potential and inspiration for many others in life. Leaders don’t change others they change themselves!

Have you ever thought about giving a book from your personal library as a gift to someone? Just do it, you can make a difference!