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It is one of the findings from the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study, Executive Summary. I have received recently in my mailbox the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study and it has surely some remarkable news for us that makes me very excited about Coaching Future and increasing my enthusiasm about Coaching as profession.


The study was commissioned in 2011 by the International Coach Federation and undertaken by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The Study was designed to be one of the most ambitious pieces of industry research ever conducted on the field of professional coaching.

The survey process

The survey was available in 9 languages online to respond by ICF member coaches and non ICF member coaches ww.

Survey outcomes

More than 12.000 valid responses and by that the widest range of survey ever from the Coaching Industry; from 117 countries.

Highlights (based on my personal selection)

  1. Global survey responses were received from all over the regions: NA, EMEA, APJ. Most were received from North America (41%) and Western Europe (28%).
  2. Based on the survey methodology (methodology details expected in couple of weeks in final report of ICF), estimated total number of coaches ww is 47.500, more than 33% of them located in NA and 37 % in Western Europe.
  3. There are certainly some obstacles and key issues the industry facing with, expressed by the responded coaches (% of responses): Untrained individuals (43%), Marketplace confusion (30%), Market saturation (9%), Under-pricing (5%), Over regulation (3%), Competing services (3%), Other (7%).
  4. In terms of Opportunities here are the following key elements based on the responded coaches (% of responses): Increased awareness of benefits (36%), Credible data ROI/ROE (28%), Improved General perception (14%), Increased demand (11%), Positive media (8%), Other (2%).

More details see  http://www.coachfederation.org/coachingstudy2012/.

10 tips what coaches can do (own notes to the outcome of the report):

1. Every time you work with a client, create a Coaching plan

2. Coaching plan should include the expected Return of Investment (ROI) and expected Return of Expectations (ROE)

3. Educate yourself about ROI and ROE

4. Monitor throughout Coaching Program the ROI and ROE

5. Come up with correction plan together with your client, in case ROI and ROE at risk

6. Execute correction plan and keep on monitoring ROI, ROE

7. Summarize to your client the ROI and ROE result

8. Keep record of your performance about ROI and ROE settings, result

9. Include in your Marketing Materials (blog, web, folder) that you work with ROI/ROE

10. Spread the term ROI and ROE to clients, potential clients, coaches and certainly to decision makers