I just think kids are so inspirational in our lives, and I am sure you agree with me!

They are our most honest feedback source and we are using those feedbacks on the most incredible ways every day. Whether we admit or not, we bring on all energy to do our most, to do parenting right.

But how come that still all our effort does not always deliver what we want. That does not surprise me personally.

Parents are constantly dropped in different situations, they constantly listen to their children and they constantly engage in conversations, regardless their interest, and finally parents need to deal with all kinds of emotions.

If we recall the series of blogs about Leadership History, we can immediately recognise the core of leadership: skills, values we apply, how we react in different situation, how we listen to our children, to recognise their emotions, and learn them what to do with their emotions.

Parents are also very good at adopting different leadership styles in different situations, just think about when you are democratic, coaching, or commanding, as three examples.

In these series of articles you will find inspiring stories, examples of parenting and how leadership is consciously or unconsciously is in our everyday family life. These series will give you tips, practises and inspiration to enjoy leadership, to enjoy children.