This post meant to encourage you, to talk about leadership to everyone, everywhere.

Put on your Management Agenda as an example and show one slide to your team and talk maximum 2 minutes about it. It will be powerful and something which will stay with your team, forever!

Spread the word about leadership:

  • make it core
  • make it simple
  • make it fun 

What is Leadership?     Attributes – Behavior – Intelligence

Attributes: Skills, Knowledge, Personality, Motives, Values, Abilities: the WHAT

Behavior: response to a situation: the HOW

Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence (EI) vs. Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Summary: WHAT – HOW – EI

Why Leadership?

Unlocks human potential and expand opportunities

What do I need to do to become a leader?

Motivation – Learning – Practise

How do I do it?

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