Tip to use:

1. Encouragement for team members who are trying to stick to excuses, when avoiding actions. empowerment to be proactive and realise plans. Indirectly sending a message that is time to act and not only talk: polite, clear and simple.

2.  Highlighting that it is more about accountability and responsibility, to take control, to hold control and check on the situation. Can be well adapted and used in Project or Program Management assignment: RACI model (Responsable, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)

3. Coaching the coach: to teach your team members that leaders say what they think, they open, transparent and find the right way to communicate anything, even bad news. Motivate your team to spread among the organisation to be proactive and take lead in critical situation. You could use the quote as a title of a program, related to either leadership, change management, empowerment etc.

Less Talk More Action.....

Less Talk More Action..... (Photo credit: JD | Photography)

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