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“Learning to lead with emotional intelligence”

Harvard Business School Press, Primal Leadership by Goleman-Boyatzis-McKee

Leading with emotional intelligence has been a new direction in the last decade for leaders around the globe.

Not only for leaders in politics or in executive roles in business lives, you might think first, but a new dimension about how we see leadership in life; whether it is used at home, in our relationships, leaders who are managers, or leaders who are not managers, but true leaders.

Leaders have a choice to make about their leadership style, adopt all time to what is required in various situations.

I have found a great summary in this book, which you can see below. More details about leadership styles, how to make choices and some great practicle examples you can find and read more in the book.

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The Leadership Styles in a Nutshell by Goleman-Boyatzis-McKee


How it builds resonance: Moves people toward shared dreams Impact on climate: Most strongly positive When appropriate: When changes require a new vision, or when a clear direction is needed


How it builds resonance: Connects what a person wants with the organisation goals Impact on climate: Highly positive When appropriate: To help an employee improve performance by building long-term capabilities


How it builds resonance: Creates harmony by connecting people Impact on climate: Positive When appropriate: To heal rifts in a team, motivate during stressful times, or strengthen connections


How it builds resonance: Values people’s input and gets commitment through participation Impact on climate: Positive When appropriate: To build buy-in or consensus, or to get valuable input from employees


How it builds resonance: Meets challenging and exciting goals Impact on climate: Because too frequently poorly executed, often highly negative When appropriate: To get high-quality results from a motivated and competent team


How it builds resonance: soothes fears by giving clear direction in an emergency Impact on climate: Because so often misused, highly negative When appropriate: In a crisis, to kick-start a turnaround, or with problem employees