This statement from me is simple based on my experience ower the last 20 years.

But I am wondering whether you share my opinion. When I think about my managers over those years, regardless my position, I must say: only a few I truly remember. I can count them on one hand. Not because I am so strict in choice, but because only few of them has left something memorable with me, something I truly believe has contributed to who I am today.

So what is common of those leaders, who are more than managers?

Leaders they are primarily focused on the person, and has a true interest in their employees. They go beyond task management, they go beyond to see people as resource.

True leaders they see potentials, they see the human, and they have a honest interest in both strength and weaknesses. True leaders are open and able to delegate, to trust. They manage people individually. Leaders link people to work together they match the differences and create a dimension of creativity to explore everyone’s strength and diversity.

True leaders are many times also highly experienced in sales and have excellent sales skills and they can use it perfectly in their management or leadership style. True leaders are capable to sell the idea and gain commitment to work together for a win-win situation, that is why they are the good negotiators, when it comes down to performance review and to set future goals or to discuss task assignment. They value people’s differences, and they can deal with it, they can take the advantage of working with different personalities.

Real leaders vs. managers are the ones care about their employees and support them in difficult times. Leaders build on a strong relationship, emotional intelligence. Leaders are open, transparent and result driven. They also give their trust, the freedom to fulfill roles and execute plans, based on people’s different personal goals and capabilities , develop their employees and they are not afraid to see the growth of their team.

True leaders accept and cooperate when time changes and their employees reach higher position, become their peers. They are the ones to shake hand first with you at the reception of your new promotion. Those promotion moments grow the new generation, the new leaders, the new role models.

So they are my leaders vs. my managers.

Please share your experience, share your stories of your leaders.