We have spoken about the leadership styles, you free to choose. But most importantly important to be able to choose the right style for the right situation.

Leaders easily adopt their style as needed. Now I would like to review the situation and how to practise in execution the visionary style.

Visionary Style

When it works: When a fresh vision needed, either in cultural change or organisational change, or even when a new market opportunity requires vision, believe and passion to achieve those challenging goals.

When does not work: In case a leader works with experts, teams or peers who are more experienced than the leader. Leader who tries to lead a more simple task like it would be somethings visionary or requires big change.

Execution: Clear expression about the vision itself, but less lead on how exactly the group should achieve it. Focus more on the qualities of the team, give place to people to innovate, experiment, and take risk that the leader would carry its consequences. People feel proud belonging to the group and be part of that vision and they commit to go for it. People connect themselves with the vision and the mission. The leader plays a key role to explain to the individuals how they fit into the big picture and what exactly their personal contribution means. As a result the leader focus is on buy-in for the long-term strategy.

Leader: Awareness and usage of emotional intelligence, self-confident, using empathy, transparent

Risk of failure: lack of strategy of change management, failure in change management process

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