Leaders often facing with business challenges, personal issues, life-work balance practical questions or just about to execute change process.

Many times need urgent resolution, advise and all that quickly, from a reliable source, someone objective, preferable a third-party. Someone outside of your organisation, someone to trust.

This is now all free for you. How does it work? In simple 5 steps

1. Describe in max 5 sentences your challenge, should be an easygoing e-mail to me beatrix.gabulya@yourleadershipibc.com

2. I will ask maximum 10 more questions from you to answer. The questions are short, pragmatic, to the point.

3. Answer those in max 10 min and shortly to me.

4. You receive an assessment of your situation and 2-3 options for the resolution

5. Based on your personal needs, you can use a 10 min consult about the topic with me on a call.

Why not to try..

  • takes you only some minutes
  • free
  • efficient
  • result driven

E mail me now: beatrix.gabulya@yourleadershipibc.com

Thank you trusting me, looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards,