I have just turned 30, when I have been diagnosed with a serious burn out. It took me in total 2 years to recover from it with professional help and return to business life and get on again with my full-time job that time. This has been for me an important period of my life. Obviously first I felt really lost and had no understanding at all what is going on.

Slowly but surely I have started actively a process to get on with my problems, understand them and fight for resolution. I was surprised when I have looked back in my life and to see, that actually I was actively building up my burn out through about 5 years, out of my 12 years working experience in total. Just do the math right and you will see that more than 40% of my working life I was already doing something very dangerous to myself.

And I am the responsable for that, no one else! That has been a milestone in my recovery, because if I am responsable for it, than I can control it. If I can control it, I can change it.

I was ready for that change!

I quickly discovered, how come that not everyone gets burn out, just because many of us working hard, real hard. You know those night shifts, multiple tasking, 24 hours around the clock, always deadlines, fully booked agenda with travels and calls in ww enterprise environment and still less fulfilment after all those years.

You become empty and you burn out. Both at the same time! I needed to change couple of things about myself in order to recover, to be able to function again, to return and to protect myself forever. I have learnt saying No, have learnt to give right signal when needed help and many other things about my emotions, about my reaction to them and things I do with them. And most importantly I have learnt to put myself first!

That was a winning period in my life. It has been also the longest and most challenging Change Management I have ever lead. I made it and I made it successfully! I become stronger and I become even better than before in my working career.

Sharing with you my personal story has a very good reason: I wanted to tell you that my Burn Out has become my inspiration in my life.

At that point I have started a journey to become coach, to deeper my knowledge and practise around coaching others, develop and spread importance of emotional intelligence. I kept being consistent about learning leadership, doing studies and put that all in practise.

My root is my Burn Out and my Burn Out became my lifetime gift!

I am thankful for it!

With my warmest welcome in my Leadership Blog